GTbyCitroen Concept Gets Limited Production Run

Citroen is known as one of the weirdest car manufacturers when it comes to concepts. Each year they build from two to five jaw-dropping concepts that in 99.87% of the cases never transform in a series production version, limited or not. In a move almost as surprising as the undeniable proof of the existence of Sasquatch, Citroen has revealed that they intend to break this unwritten rule with the GTbyCitroen concept, which will apparently be manufactured in a limited series of up to twenty units.

Autocar spoke with Citroen's head honcho, Vincent Besson, only to find out that because of the success the GT supercar concept received they will probably build it for the road. "We are now thinking of a limited run, possibly as many as 20 units," he told Autocar.

Originally constructed just as rolling version of the concept purposely designed for the Gran Turismo V video game, the GtbyCitroen's supercar popularity obviously lit up some light-bulbs in the Citroen marketing department.

After an obviously long brainstorming session, Citroen's rulers decided to tranform the concept into reality. In the video game, the GTbyCitroen is powered by a currently-non-existent high-performance fuel-cell drivetrain with hundreds of horsepower. Since development of such powertrain wouldn't be viable at the moment, especially for a limited-production hyper-expensive supercar, Citroen might search for an appropriate source of hp in the form of... what else? An 'merican V8 of course!

Besson also told Autocar that propulsion for the road car will most likely come from either General Motors or Ford's high performance engines bin. Can anyone say supercharged LS9 from the Corvette? There are no dates given for the start of production, more precise technical specs or other details present at the moment, but at least we know the car is coming.
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