Grand Theft Auto V Announced, Should Take Place in LA

Feeling the urge to steal a car, beat somebody up or crash into as many police vehicles as you can? Feel free to do that, you won’t go to jail anymore. No we’re not talking about anarchy, but we’re referring to the launch of Grand Theft Auto V.
GTA V 1 photo
Rockstar Games will offer us the first taste of GTA V on November 2nd, when the game’s first trailer will hit the web. As for it’s release date, we have nothing but rumors which state that the game is coming in 2012, due to the fact that the developer is waiting for the nex Playstation and Xbox platform to be introduced.

Let’s go a little bit further into the unnoficial reports woods and tell you that, acording to Kotaku, the game will let you go wild on a virtual version of Los Angeles. In addition to that, it seems that GTA V will also give you the possibility to choose between multiple characters, a first for the series, which has only offered this feature through add-ons until now.

Our say: the best present for GTA III's 10-year anniversary.


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