Google Wants Users to Help Fix Widespread Android Auto Bug

One of the widespread issues in Android Auto right now concerns the autolaunch feature, which basically allows the app to run without user input when the phone is connected to the car.
The issue also happens in the latest Android Auto version 1 photo
The issue was first reported earlier this year, and the company has recently confirmed it was investigating.

As it turns out, the Android Auto team wasn’t able to reproduce the whole thing, so it’s now asking users to send additional reports with more information to help fix the problem.

In a post on the Google forums, the company says it needs details like the error message, car unit make and model, type of phone, phone make and model, Android OS version, Google Play and Google Play Services version.

In the meantime, more and more users confirm the autolaunch no longer works when their phones are connected to the car.

“I am also having major issues with Android Auto not autolaunching and taking too long to load after doing the latest Android update (AA is now emebedded with Android 10?). Before the latest update AA would take 4-5 seconds to load on any AA capable head unit (I sell and install head units so Ive tested it many many times), but now takes 20 seconds at least to even start loading and is very laggy for the first minute. Once it fully loads it is much better, apart from trying to use the Google Assistant side of AA, which is quite buggy also,” someone says on the forums.

No workaround that does the trick for everybody exists at this point, so for the time being, the only option for users coming across this issue is to wait for Google to release a fix. Some say they managed to restore the normal behavior of Android Auto by disabling pocket detection in the autolaunch settings of Android Auto, but again, this is something that doesn’t work for all users.


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