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Google Releases Android Auto Update with Major Changes Under the Hood

Google has just released a new Android Auto update, and while the search company did not include a changelog, as per the company’s typical approach, it looks like some major improvements are already on the way.
More huge features coming soon to Android Auto 1 photo
First of all, the new version is 5.4.5022, so at first glance, it’s just a regular update that makes sense after the previous Android Auto 5.3 shipped approximately one month ago.

Google didn’t include a changelog with this Android Auto update, but according to findings that have been discovered and shared on reddit, there’s code hinting at massive improvements planned by Google.

Redditor shmykelsa says after performing a teardown of the latest APK that Android Auto could soon be able to read information from the car, including mileage, speed, fuel level, and more. This would obviously be something huge for Android Auto, so apps running in your car would be able to show a ton of new details as you drive.

Furthermore, there are references to Google Pay, and while at first glance this doesn’t make much sense since it’s a service that requires certain hardware like NFC, it could end up being used for things like paying tolls and the likes. Sure, there’s also a chance that the code is there because Google is just conducting some experiments, so for now, nothing is certain.

Then, Android Auto could soon get a new UI that would allow users to compose new messages, albeit it remains to be seen how this is going to work. It goes without saying this isn’t something that will be supported while driving, so maybe Google is working on something to make sending messages more convenient when the car is parked.

At first glance, there are lots of big things coming to Android Auto in the coming months, but for the time being, we just have to stick with the typical releases focused on bug fixes and everything else. The new Android Auto APK can be found here for manual installation.


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