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Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R

Paint is dead, as apparently shiny gold wraps are going to make every car we know shine like a pretty gold penny.
Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R 5 photos
Gold Chrome Nissan GT-RGold Chrome Nissan GT-RGold Chrome Nissan GT-RGold Chrome Nissan GT-R
Contrary to what you may believe, this wrap comes not from the land of endless riches Dubai, but from WrapStyle a company based in Europe that has done more chrome wraps than you would believe.

We have to admit that the Nissan GT-R looks very good in shiny chrome, just like one of those Japanese toy robots.

Some might say that this car is an outrage and should be destroyed, but we have no problem admitting that the gold Nissan GT-R is one of our biggest guilty pleasures ever.

Even the wheels and the windows have a gold tint to them, but we would have loved the wrap to be underpinned by a cool body with a huge splitter and a lowered suspension.


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