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Gogoro Electric-Scooter Sharing Program Starting in Berlin

The European market for electric motorcycles and scooters is slowly starting to grow with Gogoro starting to collaborate with Coup for the launch an e-scooter sharing program in Berlin.
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If you don’t remember Gogoro, we’ll remind you it’s a Taiwanese manufacturer that made it onto the market with a cool little electric scooter featuring battery-swapping technology to cut recharging times and offer a viable green inner-city personal transportation solution.

The company recently signed a contract with the new Bosch subsidiary, Coup, to provide it with e-scooters for rental in Berlin, Germany. The Coup platform will combine Gogoro’s design, innovation, performance and connectivity with a custom sharing cloud services that allow customers to benefit from an efficient, sustainable and quiet riding experience.

“Gogoro is collaborating with the new Coup sharing service because we share the same vision to realize advanced urban mobility in cities,” said Horace Luke, co-founder, and CEO of Gogoro. “Launching the Gogoro Smartscooter in Berlin as our first expansion market is special because it is a great two-wheel city and is also one of the most sophisticated, progressive and creative cities in the world.”

Around 200 Smartscooters will be available around Berlin for people to share starting at €3 ($3.32) for 30 minutes or €20 ($22.1) for the whole day via the Coup app. The scooters are speed-limited at 45 km/h (28 mph) and everyone over 21 years old holding a car or motorcycle driving license can ride them.

So far, more than 10,000 Gogoro Smartscooters have been sold, and customers have already cumulated nearly 20 million kilometers in their saddle. With 225 GoStation stations deployed, more than 7,000 battery swaps are being registered every day. Overall, 850,000 liters (224,546 gal) of gasoline have been spared, the equivalent of 1,643,000 kg (3,622,195 lb) of CO2 not having been released into the atmosphere.


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