Giant Gundam Robot Is Here to Make You Forget About Area 51 Conspiracies

RX-78-2 Gundam replica being tested in Japan 5 photos
Photo: Twitter / Catsuka
RX-78-2 Gundam replica being tested in JapanRX-78-2 Gundam replica being tested in JapanRX-78-2 Gundam replica being tested in JapanRX-78-2 Gundam replica being tested in Japan
Giant robots will one day take over the world, one popular narrative in movies and books goes. That day might not be that far off, based on what we’re seeing.
As it turns out, you don’t have to spend hours poring over Google Earth for traces of hidden alien robots being tested at Area 51 in Nevada, U.S. Giant robots do exist and they do actually move around, even if, unlike those purported alien creations in the hands of the U.S. military, they’re not combat-ready just yet.

Look no further than Japan, where a “life-size” RX-78-2 Gundam robot exists. Gundam is a very popular animated series that goes all the way back to the ‘70s, often cited as inspiration for the just as popular Transformers and Power Rangers. To this day, Gundam has a massive following in its home country, Japan.

A Gundam theme park, called Gundam Factory, is being built in Yokohama on Yamashita Pier, with the original plan including a 2020 grand opening. Given the ongoing health crisis, all events at the Factory have been postponed, including the very special Gundam Experience, which would have had visitors check out the 18-meter (59-foot) Gundam robot replica in person.

This only leaves one venue for enjoying that experience, the internet. Working towards a still-uncertain opening date, the Gundam replica has started testing and the resulting video has gone viral after it was posted to social media. You can see it for yourself at the bottom of the page.

The video is sped up by two and four times, but this doesn’t take anything away from how amazing this giant robot it. Gundam can kneel, move around, reverse, and even open its eyes, turn its head and flex the fingers.

“The dream becomes reality, and that reality creates yet a new dream,” is how the official website describes the Gundam Experience. “This is the ultimate entertainment.”

Until it turns on us. Just kidding, RX-78-2 would never. That’s what the alien robots at Area 51 are for.

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