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German Prices For the 2016 BMW R1200GS TripleBlack and Other Bikes Announced

Even though the initial information didn't come from BMW Motorrad themselves, the source is one that's really close to the house of Munich. Namely, the price of the 2016 BMW R1200GS TripleBlack was revealed on Facebook by Wunderlich, one of the most important modding kit creators for zie Germans.
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2016 BMW R1200GS TripleBlack2016 BMW R1200GS TripleBlack2016 BMW R1200GS TripleBlack2016 BMW models price list
Being a company that has exceptionally close relationships with the German manufacturer, Wunderlich is thus a most credible source. A post on their Facebook page indicated that the TripleBlack version of the R1200GS adv machine is expected to arrive with a €15,520 price tag, and the price was later confirmed by BMW.

For the sake of comparison, €15,520 is the equivalent of 17,060 US dollars. Prices in North America will however be different to what these bikes sell for in Europe. The TripleBlack price is somewhere halfway between the GS (€14,950) and the GSA (€165,500), maybe a pinch south of the 15,725 Euro exact average, as we suspected in the first place.

The TripleBlack even has chances to outsell the standard GS

If we agree to play a little guessing game, we could dare estimate that the TripleBlack will become a best-seller, at least among those who want to tackle harder roads or places where there are hardly any roads at all.

The standard version of the R1200GS comes with cast wheels and they are not exactly the most reliable thing when it comes to treading on really rough terrain. The fact that BMW heeded the cries of their customers and delivered a GS with wire spoked rims might be one of the smartest moves the Germans made lately.

Being able to bring home a bike that combines the lower price of the standard GS, compared to the Adventure, with the stronger wheel option of the flagship machine is definitely one of the most welcome compromises for both BMW and the customer.

The wheels on the 2016 TripleBlack will add one of the things the standard GS was missing. The weight remains the same, give or take, but at least now the TripleBlack does more justice to those who, until now, were sort of shy to ride off the road.
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