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General Motors Will Employ NASA's ISS Robotic Glove In US Factories

General Motors will use an advanced robotic glove in its factories to see how it can help workers. We are talking about the RoboGlove, a device developed by NASA and GM for the International Space Station and adapted for General Motors with the aid of a Swedish medical company named Bioservo. Together, the team will work on an advanced successor of the glove, which will be employed in factories of the American automaker.
GM-NASA Space Robot Partnership Brings ‘Power’ Glove to Life 5 photos
GM-NASA Space Robot Partnership Brings ‘Power’ Glove to LifeGM-NASA Space Robot Partnership Brings ‘Power’ Glove to LifeGM-NASA Space Robot Partnership Brings ‘Power’ Glove to LifeGM-NASA Space Robot Partnership Brings ‘Power’ Glove to Life
Thanks to the technology, workers will be able to prevent repetitive-stress injuries by reducing the strain on their joints, tendons, and arm muscles. The described injuries could occur after hours of repetitive, laborious tasks, like operating power tools or assembling cars on a line. Editors are also affected by repetitive strain injuries, so be considerate when complaining about typos in the future.

The older RoboGlove model will have its intellectual property rights licensed to Bioservo, which will enhance it with their technology to create a new device. None of the three partners of this deal has detailed the financial aspects, but we believe that they considered the advancement of technology ahead of profit in the name of evolution.

From the beginning of the RoboGlove era, NASA and GM wanted to make a device that assists people in cutting the force required from them to perform certain actions.

Because holding a power tool for a few hours a day is tiring enough, not to mention operating it with precision. From this point of view, we understand the ordeal that the workers must endure finishing their job every single day.

The Swedes at Bioservo also have a robotic glove, which was developed and sold to people that lost hand strength because of degenerative muscle disease.

Together with the force provided by the General Motors-NASA partnership, we expect the resulting product to be a robotic glove that can perform precise actions, as well as repetitive tasks which require strength.

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