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Future Toyota Supra Could Cost More than a Corvette

We know for sure that Toyota and BMW have started working on a new sportscar, which should be the next Supra coupe. The FT-1 on which it will be based has the right profile for the next generation sportscar and even the “Supra” name has been re-trademarked so it’s pretty obvious what we’re dealing with. However, expect this to be the most powerful and expensive Supra ever created.
Toyota FT-1 Concept 1 photo
Back in 1992, a Toyota Supra Mark 4 was something like a Chevrolet Corvette substitute coming at a much lower price but also with a smaller less-powerful engine. While the 1992 LT1 Corvette was making 300 hp, the same year Supra with the turbo inline-six was doing only about 200 hp.

But that was no problem for speed maniacs, since the tuning community would have turned your stock Supra into a Corvette fighter right quick using just a custom exhaust and maybe a new turbo.400 HP stock Supra
Now however, according to a report from Car and Driver, the fifth generation Toyota Supra is expected to be a direct rival to the Vette, pushing some 400 hp from a turbocharged V6 and/or an electric motor down to the rear wheels. There’s also the rumor that's likely to cost more than the Vette, which is now priced at $54,995, reason that pushes us into believing it will be a hybrid after all.

But how would the BMW equivalent will stack up to this? It’s believed to reincarnate as a new Z4, which means it should also come with a drop top to make sense. Otherwise it’ll going to be the same case as with the GT 86 and the BRZ, where the latter gets next to no attention.

Whatever the two companies have in mind, we’ll still have to play the waiting game a bit more. The project has been recently switched to prototyping stage after a long 2-year feasibility testing period. So even now, it’s a bit to early to jump to conclusions.


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