Future Roads to Provide Electricity

As the world changes and technology gets better by the hour, the time for a new revolutionary and daring project in now. Israeli engineers have created a 100 meter stretch of roadway that is embedded with a network of Piezo Electric Generators (IPEG) that converts mechanical strain into electrical current or voltage. The revolutionary system is expected to scale up to 400 kilowatts from a 1-kilometer stretch of dual carriageway.

The system is truly revolutionary in the Parasitic Energy field, with the capabilities to harvest and generate energy from weight, motion, vibration and even temperature changes. The system is capable of configuration to channel and absorb energy from roads, airports, and rail systems at the same time and being capable of delivering real-time info on weight, frequency and spacing between passing vehicles. Gizmag reported that the energy created in this way could be then used to fuel public lighting or be transferred back to the grid.

The piezoelectric generators will be converted in an asphalt layer and will be mounted with electronic cards that will supply the storage system.

The aforementioned source added that when squeezed, the piezoelectric crystals produce energy thus giving them the capability to harvest the energy which vehicles lose to mother-nature during their journeys. The implementing of piezoelectric generators could eventually become a vital part of traffic management systems in creating smart roads capable of producing their own power.

We're no rocket scientist but the people at Innowattech say that the system is based on harvesting energy from roadways on the piezoelectric effect which converts mechanical strain into electrical current or voltage. Harvested energy can be transferred back into the grid or used in road infrastructures purposes such as lighting, or store the energy for reuse.
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