Furious 7 Trailer 2 “Brings Crazy to a Whole New Level”

They had a festive launch of the first trailer, with the entire crew giving interviews and meeting fans last year. Then, they teased people with several short clips. Furious 7 IMAX official trailer was the latest video to be unleashed. But it seems Universal Studious has no plans on hitting the brakes with what could prove to be a $1 billion action movie.
Furious 7 Trailer 2 “Brings Crazy to a Whole New Level” 1 photo
Photo: Furious 7 on Youtube
This clip is by far the coolest one, as it feels like it has the most action madness yet to be released. We chose Tyrese’s line in the clip for the title because this is pretty much what this new trailer is all about: pure madness. There are cars jumping of the plane just to get close to this super futuristic truck, filled with a small army-worth weaponry.

Somehow, Jason Statham is kicking Dwayne Johnson’s but (that bad, he ends up in hospital). A couple of scenes with Paul Walker are perfectly integrated in the movie making it even better. Then there’s the usual car jumping around hills and streets, things exploding and almost impossible stunts that see the Furious 7 cast doing what they do best: make us really want to see the movie.

As to the cars, you all know the story, muscle cars, enhanced speed monsters, guns and rockets, James Bond-worthy action. Oh, and let us not forget about that epic scene with the Lynkan HyperSport jumping through the windows of a skyscraper only to brake into the next one.

In case you were wondering what those little ancient statues that the hypercar destroys on its way to the long fall, well you should know they are quite valuable.

In fact, we’re looking at some replicas of the original Terracotta Army, a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It is a form of funerary art buried along the emperor in 210-209 BCE as the army was supposed to protect him in his afterlife.

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