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Meet Fido, a new electric scooter which might just make it into production. The initial concept is not exactly new, as it dates from several years ago. The main thing about Fido is that it is an evolution from the original barebone idea. This means a simple, highly-functional design, easy repairs in case of a punctured tire, effortless battery removal and a sharp looks. The new photos we’re seeing now show what appears to be just the right solution for all the things above.
Fido’s current design is almost minimalist, with simple lines and an even simpler architecture. There’s nothing hipster-ish about it, as some maybe expected. Instead, the clean, tidy attire is backed by a lighter construction thanks to smart engineering.

If anything, the frame of the Fido e-scooter is a tubular U-shaped cradle to which the wheels, saddle and bars are attached, with the battery pack also serving as floorboard. The 2.5 kWh battery can be easily removed for charging indoors, in your home or office, and installing it back in place is a snap.

The motor is a hub-mounted one and it sits in the rear wheel. This solution and the direct drive principle it comes with offer zero-maintenance operation and ease of use. The power plant can produce 6 horsepower, and Jeb Gast, Fido’s creator says he is also envisioning a lower-power version for rental companies. A full charge is good for some 35 miles (56 km), with a top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h). The torque is in the 84 lb-ft (114 Nm) zone.

A creative and easy flat tire solution

Solid rubber wheels are so far the only financially feasible solution to avoid a puncture. However, they also come with almost zero bump absorption and lackluster comfort, so it’s not hard to figure out why they have been avoided.

However, Gast’s ingenuity allowed him to come up with a very neat idea to solve the tube repair hassle. The wheels are solid and are kept in place by three bolts. Unscrewing five additional bolts will literally tear the rim apart, allowing easier access to the tube. Trick, isn’t it?

Fido’s creator is looking for funding to extend production. Around 150 scooters are expected to be manufactured in 2015, with an estimated price of $5,500. Not exactly the cheapest e-machine around, but it will provide customers with a stylish ride which only costs a penny or two per day to use. And it looks cool, too!

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