Full-Size Plastic Realistic-Looks Motorcycles Are Awesome Grown-Up Toys – Video, Photo Gallery

Ever felt melancholic thinking about the Airfix-type model kits you used to have so much fun with assembling when you were a kid? We guess there isn’t one fellow who played with these models who hasn’t felt this way in his or her adult life. And with such kits being available even in the old communist countries, we might say that was a planetary phenomenon.
Full Size Kits' Route 66 Classic 9 photos
Full Size Kits Route 66 ClassicFull Size Kits Route 66 ClassicFull Size Kits Route 66 ClassicFull Size Kits Route 66 ClassicFull Size Kits Route 66 ClassicFull Size Kits Route 66 ClassicFull Size Kits Route 66 ClassicFull Size Kits Route 66 Classic
Well, things only got better, because you can now play almost the same way, but on a much larger scale and with… wait for it, Motorcycles. The idea comes from UK-based Peter Manning who is the guy behind Full Size Kits, a company offering lifelike-size plastic motorcycle kits which can be assembled at home. Just make sure the door or the windows of the room you’re building the bike in are large enough to let you take the machine out. Or better do this in your garage…
20 to 30 hours of awesome fun will get you a full-size bike model
Manning says that his kits can be turned into a lifelike bike after 20 to 30 hours of work, including assembly and painting. When built properly according the manual, the bikes will sport a very realistic look, even when inspected from a short distance.

So far the company only offers the Route 66 Classic model which is a representation of a classic ‘60s American cruiser. The bike model comprises more than 180 vacuum molded ABS plastic parts, complemented by metal handlebars and a side stands for even more realism. When fully assembled correctly, you’ll be contemplating a bike which is 93" (236cm) long, 42" (107cm) high and 32.5" (82.5cm). Still, more models are envisaged to enter production soon, with the models next in line being a Triumph Bonneville, a Manx Norton and a Classic Vespa scooter.

A special seating insert can be added to allow people to actually sit on the bike and take pictures, while water can be used as ballast for better stability. However, Full Size Kits warns that these bikes are non-rolling models and are definitely not to be treated as such toys.

The Full Size Kits Route 66 Classic will start shipping in April 2015 and come with a £525 ($ or €) price tag plus shipping. Decorating pubs and similar places or used for pranks, this full-size bike is definitely one amazing toy for grown-ups.

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