Amazing CNC Machine Sculpts MX Bike Helmet from 120 KG Aluminium Block

Wearing a 3.6 kg (7.95 lb) motorcycle helmet is definitely not our definition of safety, and the fact that this helmet is crafted from aluminium entirely is not helping either. Still, this lid serves as a wonderful demonstration of how complex CNC machines have gotten, especially when flawless yet creative programming is at play, too.
This aluminium helmet was CNC machined 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Of course, there is no pretense of practicality from this helmet, so don’t be too quick to say it is useless and it would never do. Of course it would never do as head protection, but it will be a jaw-dropping décor element for your house or motorcycle bar. Or, if you’re in the business of selling CNC machines, this lid is one of the best advertisements for your tools. And unlike a TV ad or a printed piece of paper, this helmet can be touched and examined. Plus, nothing happens to it if you drop it!

CNC versus 3D printing

Some say that the advent of 3D printing represents the twilight of CNC machining, but things look different from an industrial perspective. Each technology has its own particular applicability and limits, and for now it’s impossible to simply replace one with the other.

While 3D printing may indeed be able to produce much more intricate designs, the vey dimensions of the printers make crafting very large object impossible. Plus, when it comes to producing pieces with extreme structural resistance, CNC machining them from various billet materials also seems like the best choice of the moment.

Things will definitely evolve in the future, as laser sintering technologies are only getting better and better, but there is still some time until they will be able to create industrial-strength parts “out of the air”. Obviously, 3D printers are a great way to have fun and create amazing and functional shapes, even though not as cool as this shiny metal MX helmet.

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