Front-Engined Ferrari F430 Replica Spotted in the UK

Shield your eyes if you are a car lover, because you are about to see a completely ruined V6-powered Peugeot 406 Coupe which is masquerading around as a Ferrari F430. What are these people thinking? Why ruin an already pretty car to turn it into an ugly one that isn’t going to fool anybody - it just seems so wasteful to us.
Ferrari F430 - Not! 6 photos
Ferrari F430 ReplicaFerrari F430 ReplicaFerrari F430 ReplicaFerrari F430 ReplicaFerrari F430 Replica
We also have another problem with this replica - the same one we had with that Pagani Zonda replica we showed you a while back. We are, of course, talking about the fact that it’s front-engined and front-wheel drive. This not only ruins the car’s proportions (hood too long for a mid-engiend car) but it also makes it a poor performer in the bends.

Aside from that, the wheelbase is wrong, the wheels don’t fit, the windscreen wiper is ghastly, and so is the matte foil strip stuck to the lower part of the windscreen - a trick copied from the Range Rover Sport, to give the driver the sensation of sitting lower in the car than he actually is. This car is so bad it doesn't even deserve to be called a 'replica'.

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