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Kawasaki Ninja H2R Ad Makes Us Want to See It Up Against the Challenger SRT Hellcat

Even though Kawasaki introduced both its new Ninja machines at EICMA in November last year and several millions of photos have been taken at the Akashi booth in Milan, it looks like the official videos are still flowing, even though the dose of mystery is now noticeable smaller.
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Anyway, until more of these bikes will make it to the garages of their customers and these fellows decide to strap some GoPros to the bikes and themselves and ride the hell out of them, the Ninja H machinery will still be shrouded in a veil of almost mystical unknown.

There is a huge number of riders including some of us here who are extremely eager to see the bike in real life, battling it out on the streets and burning rubber at the track. So far we’ve only seen what Kawasaki let us to, and we all know that things are so much different in real life than in the ideal virtual world.

At the same time we know there are a lot of people who are waiting for the Ninja H2R they ordered and having it revved all the way up on the dyno is among the first things they have been planning, trying to see whether there is some truth behind the 300 hp claim. Now, if Kawasaki spoke about crankshaft power, the reading at the wheel will definitely be significantly lower, even if still authoritatively superior to the rest of the sport bikes.

Of course, we are waiting for drag strip challenges with the rest of the top bikes and more important, with the all-new rubber-strip stars, such as the SRT Hellcat, Z06 and all. That is one thing which makes the wait kind of bearable…

Enjoy what is probably the first official Ninja H2R ad!

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