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Hear the Turbo Kawasaki Ninja H2

As Kawasaki uploaded the second video (or should I better say audio) teaser of the upcoming Ninja H2 machine, it’s more and more obvious that the new beast is powered by a turbo-charged engine. The second teaser does not show details of the bike, but has a very cool soundtrack, one of the things sport bike enthusiasts will definitely love.
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Kawasaki recorded the Ninja H2 as it throttles higher and higher shifting up and building up speed, and we can clearly hear the whizz of the turbine as the gears are being changed. Definitely things that have been missing quite a lot from the industry over the last two decades or more, the sound and vibe of a turbo motorcycle engine might indeed be the sign of an interesting bend in the contemporary bike-making trends and the milestone of a new era in the business.

It is yet uncertain how big the engine of the upcoming Kawasaki Ninja H2 will be, and everything seems possible between the 600cc (636 Ninja) of the superport-class Ninja and the 998cc mark of the ZX-10R. Even so, dishing out a turbo version of the liter-class Ninja sounds a bit too much for a street bike, despite the joy some riders will not even bother to try to hide.

However, with the increasing price of gas and the more restrictive emission regulations, I’d take a wild guess and say that Kawasaki’s new bike will be in the middleweight zone, possibly sporting power figures closer to those of the big-bore machines, but with the fuel economy and displacement of the smaller ones.
The all-new Ninja H2 will be unveiled at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany on 30 September, so the wait is not going to be long. Check back with us in a couple of days for more teasers.

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