Fine Watches and Exotic Cars

That combination can drive any woman crazy and anything that can drive women crazy is definitely appreciated by men. So then, men, take a look at these babies that duPont Registry has compiled for you in a gallery of expensive watches that amounts to a whopping 1.5 million dollars.

We're not gonna give the whole thing, just the highlights, but let us tell you right now, this has got to be a first in the automotive industry. The concept, though not very special, is somewhat original because is shows you the watches being backdropped by cars, or, better said, car details.

The watches are for both men and women, so if you're interested, you can pick up something for yourself and the little misses at home while also enjoying some nice shots of classic cars. The gallery compiled by duPont is 44 pages long and is published by Thomas L. duPont who calls it “Mega Watches”.

If you will allow us a personal remark, we would just like to point out that the overall size of watches has increased quite a bit in the last years, which is not necessarily bad since it allows for more intricate designs and more expensive stuff to be slapped on there. Of course, this all should be limited, because at one point, the whole watch could end up weighing more than a bowling bowl, especially with all the bling rappers put on their time pieces.

The reference “Mega Watches” refers to exactly that, the fact that some men's watches end up measuring 44-47mm in length while some of the women's time pieces go up to 37-40 mm.


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