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Father and Son Both Drive Boxer-Engined Cars: Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Scion FR-S

Take a moment to remember the sort of images used to reveal certain things about your personality during special examinations. Good, now take a look at the aforementioned picture and you’ll be able to tell how much of an automotive aficionado you are.
Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Scion FR-S 1 photo
Layer I, if we can call it that, applies to little children or girlfriends who don’t care about cars but love their significant others - these are two white cars.

Layer II brings us to those who notice we are talking about sportscars here, with the range of people varying across an incredibly wide palette of characters.

Then there’s Layer III, whose... members can tell these are both boxer-engined cars. Okay, perhaps we took the layer joke too far, but the story here is really nice, since these two cars are owned by a father and his son.

We see why the 911 Turbo S-driving dad should be happy about his offspring serving asphalt from behind the wheel of a Scion FR-S. This sportscar is very good at communicating each and every intention to its driver. Sure, that’s even more true for any sportscar with a Porsche badge, but the underpowered nature of this diquised Toyobaru means things should be on the safe side.


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