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Fake Cadillac CTS Is Actually a Ford Focus from Hell

Yes, you'll be excused for yelling out a massive "wtf" when coming across the contraption starting at us from behind the scree. After all, you were only pointing out the obvious with your What The Focus scream...
Fake Cadillac CTS Is Actually a Ford Focus 3 photos
Fake Cadillac CTS is actually a Ford FocusFake Cadillac CTS is actually a Ford Focus
That's right, ladies and gentlemen drivers, there's a Focus somewhere in the there, one that belongs to the first generation of the compact - pixel tip to Llerret Yoberutan Kralc (via Facebook) for the pair of images showcasing the monstrosity.

Of course, the aficionados who built this thing aims to make people believe this is a Cadillac CTS. And it looks like they didn't spare too much in their quest.

For instance, if you take a look at the front end of the machine while not paying attention to the proportions of the vehicle, you'll be surprised by the amount of work that seems to have been invested into the vehicle.

As for the posterior, the shape of the Focus was more difficult to conceal. Even so, if noticed from a distance, this faux Caddy might just trick a few bystanders.

The wheels are from another world, though - up front, the chrome setup looks like the kind of hardware you'd find on a pimped-out Caddy. At the back, the vivid shade covering the wheel can hardly make up for the odd fitment, one dictated by the generous widebody build.

While we can't see the interior of the creature, I'll remind you this was the weak point of the Mk I Focus, so don't expect things to be too neat in the cabin.

Admittedly, there are quite a lot of parts of the car where it seems like the shop behind the build put a lot of effort into the work, integrating everything, which only makes the whole story worse, since this is a face (and back) only a mother could love.


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