Erykah Badu Rides Self-Balancing 2-Wheeled Scooter at BET Awards

Electric scooters are not new. You get them in all shapes, performances and ranges. There is, however, a new gizmo we’ve found to be quite popular among celebrities. It’s the new black in last mile transportation if you wish and it reminds us of The Jetsons. In just a couple of words, it’s a self-balancing skateboard that looks cool and drives fast. Erykah Badu used it the other day for her entrance at the BET Awards.
Erykah Badu Rides Self-Balancing 2-Wheeled Scooter at BET Awards 1 photo
Photo: Hollywood Today
OK, so we could talk about Puff Daddy’s fall in the hole that he somehow didn't see on the stage. Or better off, we could mention Kanye West’s rather peculiar Bohemian Rhapsody opening at Glastonbury. But none of these is related in any way with how people get from point A to point B.

As mentioned, we did stumble upon all these pop singers and whatnot in Hollywood or in the music industry that have been posting videos with their new toys. They’ve got us used to buying luxury cars, expensive and fast, not with teenage toys. However, unknown are the ways of money spending among famous people.

Now, you may have not heard of this before, but they call Erykah Badu the First Lady of Neo-Soul. To be honest, we like her for always wearing those large and colorful headwraps. In fact, the way the artist dresses tells a lot about her persona. That’s also why looking a the video below is both odd and exciting. Odd, because it shows the 44-year-old singer levitating among reporters; exciting, for it may be the starting of a new age in transportation.

At the beginning of this post, we were claiming the two-wheeled, electric scooter reminds us of The Jetsons. The animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera tells the story of a family living in a futuristic utopia of elaborate robotic contraptions. They would always be carried from point A to point B by some means of transportation. It’s almost like they never walked.

That’s pretty much how this thing looks like. It weighs 10 kg (22 lbs), has an approximate range of 20km (12 mi) and is capable of up to 10km/h speed (6.2 mph). The key to its success is the fact it comes with an extremely efficient self-balancing technology.

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