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DUI Is Bad Enough, Letting Your Dog Drive Is Even Worse

Whoever thinks Florida is a boring state, where old people go when they retire to play bridge and water lawns, has another think coming.
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You'd think that people who have a drink or two tend to drive carefully, as not to draw any attention to themselves. Not this guy, though, flying on the quiet streets of a neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida.

It didn't take long for a Manatee County deputy to take notice and give chase to the white sedan speeding through the city. The police officer activated the lights, but the desired effect failed to materialize. Instead, the suspect sped away and accelerated while also trying to steer, a move that sent his car into a ditch.

According to ABC News, he somehow managed to come out of it, but to his misfortune, veered right into the ditch on the opposide side of the road. He didn't waste too much time there, though, going right through it and stopping into a nearby house.

The suspect, later identified as Reliford Cooper, got out of the car and started running away from the officers. The law enforcers called on a K9 unit that tracked the suspect all the way to a church, where he had thrown his T-shirt.

Even though it was passed 8:00 PM, there were still churchgoers around, who forced the man out of the church bathroom for the police officers to arrest. This is where the fun part really begins.

The fact he was being handcuffed didn't seem to bother Reliford Cooper that much, as he reportedly made sarcastic remarks about his chasers: "Who was chasing me? You're slow as f**k!" He didn't stop there, though: "I wasn't driving the car. My dog was driving that car. I ran because I wanted to. You ain't gonna find no drugs or guns on me."

And, apparently, they didn't, as Mr. Cooper had seemingly consumed them all in advance. According to the arresting officer, he smelled heavily of alcohol and marijuana, which prompted the law enforcers to first transport him to Manatee Memorial, and after making sure he's out of any danger, taking him to jail. But not before he threw up.


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