Dubious Overtaking Maneuver Has the Internet Split over Who's at Fault

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When you're 18 (or 16, depending on what country we're talking about), the rules governing the way we drive might seem a bit handful. But that's because you're forced to learn them in advance at a theoretical level, before you can actually go out there and see why one thing is permitted and the other isn't.
After a few years of active driving, all pieces will fall into place and you will do things a certain way not because you have to and there's a police car around the corner, but because you realize that's the only way to keep the streets from becoming a blood-drenched arena. The rules aren't there to be broken, they're there to keep you and everyone else safe.

That's one way of looking at things. The other is perfectly exhibited by the driver in this clip down below. He's the kind of man who, after gaining some experience, thinks he knows better than everyone else. He can cut a few corners the rest of the suckers driving a car - for some reason that keeps eluding him - choose not to. Yes, he's definitely smarter than most of you out there.

What's even more surprising is that a lot of people look at this clip and have absolutely no idea who is at fault, even though it's as clear as daylight. Should the driver making the left turn have checked his mirror? Absolutely. Does that make him a poor driver? On this particular occasion, yes, it does. Does it put the blame on him. Nope, it's still with the overtaking douchebag.

The poor quality of the video makes it impossible to tell how early the car turning left signaled its intention, but we know for sure that for the last 60 meters or so, the guy overtaking knew he wanted to go left, and did absolutely nothing about it. He had multiple options: first of all, slow down; second, try to pull back on his lane; third, use the horn to signal that guy to stay put. Instead, he chose to rely on the other driver's preservation instincts and continued his illegal overtaking maneuver.

But why was it illegal? Well, the line might have been dotted when he started overtaking, but he sure didn't pay attention to the road markings after that. Was there any sign warning the driver there was a junction coming? There was, but spotting signs while you're on the opposite lane overtaking a truck is difficult, and nobody thought it was necessary to plant one on the left side of the road as well. So, yeah, that clears the road administrator of any fault. So we're back to the guy in the car with the dashcam. Sorry, buddy, this one's on you.

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