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Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya Says Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Is Easy to Drift

It was 2013 when we heard the first rumors of Toyota considering a shooting brake incarnation of the 86, but the practical rear-wheel-drive machine didn't land until earlier this year.
Toyota 86 Shooting Brake 6 photos
Toyota 86 Shooting Brake ConceptToyota 86 Shooting Brake ConceptToyota 86 Shooting Brake ConceptToyota 86 Shooting Brake ConceptToyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept
We got the picture - the Toyobaru still is a commercial struggle for the automakers involved, which is why the big-booted model came as a concept, not a production vehicle.

But we were disappointed by the fact that all we got was a set of images and some brief info. After all, we're talking about the modern day equivalent of the AE86 here, so how about some drifting?

Well, our sideways dreams how somehow been fulfilled, albeit in a strange way that reminds us of the days when computer games relied on text instead of graphics.

To be more precise, Keiichi Tsuchiya (you know, the Drift King) has recently spent some time on the track with the 86 Shooting Brake and one of his recent tweets sheds some light on the matter.

The tweet can loosely be translated to "It is easy to drift so rear heavy," - yes, it's that simple. Alas, we're once again left lusting for a video or at least some photos - so far, we only have the all-too-static image you see here.

In fact, when we drove the GT 86 (the recent mid-cycle revamp removed the first part of the coupe's name, remember?), we spend quite some time pulling sideways stunts on the track. And it all felt just right for drifting. Sure, the limited torque meant there wouldn't be a lot of smoke, but the slip angles were pleasing.

And while our experience makes the DK's tweet predictable, this doesn't take anything away from the pleasure of reading it over and over again. Err... no, we don't know Japanese, but this is one of those times when we really wish we did.


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