Doug DeMuro Makes Only BMW M2 Review Without Drifting

2016 has been an excellent year for Doug DeMuro, who's YouTube videos have been racking up millions of views.
Doug DeMuro Makes Only BMW M2 Review Without Drifting 3 photos
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Doug DeMuro Makes Only BMW M2 Review Without DriftingDoug DeMuro Makes Only BMW M2 Review Without Drifting
They've always been kind of low-budget, with Doug traveling all over the country to review privately-owned supercars and oddities. Who knew a Trabant could be as popular as a Lamborghini.

I get it, saying bad things about the must expensive supercars creates controversy. But if you strip that away, I think the Regular Cars kind of satire is much better. And at the end of the day, we sometimes want to know about the fast cars we might actually be able to buy.

Not many YouTubers can afford a Tesla Model X or are willing to live an old Dodge Viper. But a BMW M2 seemed like the perfect dream car, only twice the price of a Honda Civic and packed with all that drifting goodness.

But after Doug DeMuro had a go in one, I don't find the M2 all that exciting. Between the gray paint, the dark interior and the gloomy weather, I'd rather be looking at a pink MINI.

And it's not helping that he's not driving the car they way it's supposed to be. There's no drifting, no hooning, not even some dramatic clutch dumping.

Doug also makes a point about rev matching being easy to do. But I thought the M2 does that automatically unless you deactivate stability control. I seriously doubt he turned that off, considering the cautious way in which the Bimmer was handled.

Throughout the review, he calls the M2 "chuckable," but Doug never chucks it at a corner. Also, he could have done a better job criticizing the interior. We know about the seats being angled away from center, the drag dash and the lack of an oil temperature gauge. Did he miss all that or did Doug just not want to say the same thing as Motor Trend?

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