Deadmau5 Wants "Blackest Black" on The New McLaren 650S

Canadian DJ Joel Thomas Zimmerman, best know for his stage name Deadmau5, has been looking for a perfect wrap to finish the brand new McLaren 650S he got. After checking out a sportscar that was wearing sky blue foil intake covers and sky blue calipers, it seems the artist found something else he would try on his ride.
Deadmau5's McLaren 650S 1 photo
Photo: Pfaff Mclaren's Facebook
You guys already know about the white McLaren Deadmau5 just bought and how the artist finally decided to sell his Purrari, the Ferrari 458 covered in Nyan Cat wrap. Well, he has been looking for a new look since he bought it and it would seem it’s rather complicated for him to make up his mind.

Deadmau5 hinted on his Twitter Account about a new carbon material British scientists have recently made, called Vantablack. He quoted “I’ve GOT to wrap a car in this.” Now, if you haven’t already read the papers, we’ll take a second here to tell you about this allegedly world’s blackest black material.

British tech company Surrey Nanosystems claim to have invented the world’s darkest black material: made of carbon nanotubes and able to absorb 99.96 percent of light that hits it. Called Ventablack, scientists say it completely erases any features on a surface, becoming simply a void. “It’s like black, like a hole, like there’s nothing here. It just looks so strange,” chief technical officer Ben Jensen told The Independent.

Now, considering Deadmau5 wasn’t specific about which car he’d wrap in the darkest black ever made, we just took a long guess and asumed it’s going to be his new $300,000 supercar, the McLaren 650S. Well, we’re wondering if you guys would actually go for that if you'd own one of these babies.
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