Dakota Culkin Under Alcohol Influence in the Crash Moment

Last month, we spoke about the tragic accident that hit the Culkin family just a few weeks before Christmas. Macaulay Culkin's 29-year-old sister, Dakota, was killed in a car accident while she was crossing one of LA streets at the beginning of December last year.

At that moment, the exact reasons of the accident were not known, but a recent article in People reveals the fact that Dakota Culkin was under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened. According to Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner, Macaulay's sister was "more than likely impaired due to alcohol." As disappointing as it may appear, Dakota Culkin was an alcohol addict and most likely she was guilty of the accident that brought her death.

After the  tragedy, a manager for  Macaulay, Rory and Kieran Culkin confessed that the family was "absolutely heartbroken" over Dakota's death. But now they just have to face the truth: their sister had traces of alcohol in her system although police didn't immediately report the alcohol level in her blood.

More importantly, it seems that before the terrible crash, Dakota had just left a Marina Del Rey bar. As a matter of fact, investigators claim that the Culkin family admitted Dakota was making therapy for alcohol addiction.

As we said it last time, Dakota came to LA to pursue a career in film production, but she didn't  like to be in the centre of media attention. In fact, she didn't like at all to be in front of the cameras and therefore, it's very difficult to find a recent photo with her.


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