Dacia Logan Coupe Rendering: Yes Please!

Every time somebody makes a rendering of a sedan-based coupe, we're confronted with the same problem: no automaker wants to build a new 2-door because sales aren't stellar any more.
Dacia Logan Coupe Rendering 5 photos
Dacia Logan CoupeDacia Logan CoupeDacia Logan CoupeDacia Logan Coupe
So when Hungarian renderer X-Tomi Design made this, a Dacia Logan Coupe, we breathed a sigh of disappointment, knowing Renault will never allow this to be built.

But why, when it looks so good, will they not give fans of the Romanian brand what they want? The Logan with two doors has been rendered lower and slightly wider, giving it better proportions overall.

Renault also has a lot of fancy new engines like the 120 hp 1.2 TCe they fitted to the Duster, that would push the Logan into the sub-10-second territory. The suspension technology could come from the new Clio GT and so could some interior touches.

Would nobody buy a €15,000 Dacia? "No, absolutely not," Renault would say. In fact, French bosses have cut all funding for further Dacia model development. So not only will there not be a Logan Coupe, there won't be any new Dacias in the next 2 or 3 years.


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