Coulthard About Crash-gate: "I Don't Buy It"

Following recent Formula One race fixing allegations the Scotsman wrote in his Daily Telegraph column he doesn't buy them.

The conspiracy theory implicates Renault's F1 team giving Piquet Jr. orders to intentionally crash his car at last year's GP in Singapore. With details of the investigations and its merits still being undisclosed by FIA officials for the moment, the rumors appear at first to be quite hard to prove.

Coulthard treated the subject in talk, considering such a thing just can't be done. He pointed to the fact that it would have been very difficult for the Brazilian to crash at a precise moment and place so that the safety car could come in and thus having Alonso profit from it.

"Well, call me naive but I'm not buying it. I find them very hard to stand up," said Coulthard about the allegations that involve Renault. "From a driver's perspective, it is certainly technically possible. It's not hard to crash a car and if you hit the barriers side-on, as Nelson Piquet did in Singapore, then it would be fairly low impact and not too dangerous for him," explained the Scotsman.

"Morally, though, it is off the scale. In order to keep the safety car out for any length of time Renault would have needed to choose a place on the track where the marshals could not get to quickly. It would also have needed the complicity of a number of people – the only evidence I can envisage would be radio communications, which are openly available to the FIA and the team," he added.
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