Cops Crash the Same When They Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle – Video

Beginning rider police officer crashes in a silly way 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
If you thought cops learning to ride a motorcycle are in any way less funny than any other beginning riders, think again, because they just don’t. I mean, just because they wear an uniform doesn’t make them any better as a rider and the video after the jump is one great example to prove this.
If we are to believe the description of the video, the officer was trying to get a promotion, and knowing how to ride was one of the mandatory conditions. But since he could not ride a bike, he obviously had to take some classes. It’s impossible to tell how urgent all this was, but I am convinced that another location would have been a much better choice.

If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle and go to a riding school, a narrow alley is the last place where you or your instructor would like to have you getting acquainted to the bike’s controls. And having you learning how to ride in the rain from the first classes is yet one more no-no.

The place certainly doesn’t look like a police training area, so it’s hard to tell whether the footage shows actual police training or a cop trying to “help a brother out”. Either way, the rider in the left side of the screen looks like he still has a long road ahead until he gets the promotion he was hunting. If anything, we fail to spot the motorcycle rider in him now, while the “lol side” of his personality is shining in all its lol-ish splendor.

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