Colombian Rider Crashing Like a Moron

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Photo: Liveleak
A pathetic "oil on the road" excuse was used for a dumb Colombian rider after a completely moronic crash on a winding mountain road.
Funnily, every rider we've shown this footage to, said pretty much the same thing: "what an idiot!" It looks like the oil excuse could only fool a child or people with zero riding experience, but any rider in their right mind will be impossible to trick.

First of all, this video is a great display of mindless riding: tailgating and aggressive riding on a mountain road being only the smallest of the problems. The big ones are intently and repeatedly passing the cars in front by crossing the double yellow line, enough for a hefty fine and license suspension.

However, it looks like the "brave" fighter in the front is unable to judge a slightly more difficult turn, and plunges with high speed into the corner. Learning just as fast that he won't make it, the lolrider brakes while leaning hard, just as the apex of the turn changes the radius, and the expected lowside occurs.

No oil, no gravel, only plain stupidity, and a dash of luck, as there was no semi incoming from the opposite lane. Watch, learn, and ride safe!

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