Classic Lada Estate Wreaks Havoc on Highway

The classic Lada is rear-wheel driven, and unlike in modern cars where it is considered a positive trait, and enhances the handling abilities, in the Lada it only makes it more unstable and hard to control in bad weather conditions.
It is one of many such accidents, all of which seem to happen because the car is just too twitchy in low-grip conditions, and drivers simply can`t get it back in line, once it starts to slide.

Factoring in the possibility of these old Ladas having bad tires, and the recipe for disaster is all-but complete. To make matters worse, the cars also have poor brakes, and the turn-to-turn lock of the steering wheel is much too truck-like to make the car easy to control.

However, as more and more new cars get built in Russia, people are slowly giving up their old Ladas, in favor of new ones, like the new Granta, which is a cheap but thoroughly modern car for the money.
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