Chevrolet Volt Can Save You from Zombies in New Ad

Chevy Volt - New Zombie-Filled 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Why is it that more and more TV series, video games, movies and commercials are using zombies as a pretext for their plot line? Are ‘they’ preparing us for impending doom and apocalypse, or have ‘they’ just run out of clever ideas.
The Chevy Volt, a great car, is being marketed to possible buyers as a safe, efficient and trendy thing to have on your driveway, so that the neighbors will feel insecure for driving a gas-guzzling Nissan Micra, which isn’t a hybrid and therefor not green, even if it uses less fuel than the Volt - it's messed up. They could have chosen to market it differently to us, yet they chose zombies which are absolutely not relevant. If anything, they’re saying ‘buy a Volt, the world is going to end whether you do so or not’ - not smart marketing for a ‘green’ car.

The ad itself isn’t bad, but the idea behind it is so stale and overused, it makes the right side of our brain go numb with disinterest. However, it is mildly amusing, and you may laugh the first time you see it, but only the first time.

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