Charging Stations on Wheels to Solve Crowded Parking Problems

Refilling the tank on a normal combustion engined car is simple and few things can go wrong. You put a hose in a hole and try not to cause a spark near it for about 2 minutes. Recharging an electric car is much safer but it usually takes more than half an hour even at a “supercharger” to complete the task.
Mobi Charger 7 photos
Mobi ChargerMobi ChargerMobi ChargerMobi ChargerMobi ChargerMobi Charger
Add in the fact there are not enough charging spots and the fact that some might be either in use or blocked by a careless douchebag and you find yourself stranded even if you’re in the middle of a busy city.

This could change a bit if FreeWire startup here manages to bring these charging stations on wheels into production. The kei car looking thing you see in the adjacent photos goes by the name of Mobi Charger and, as that suggest, is basically a battery on wheels.

In theory

Mobi Charger is especially designated for workplaces where cars normally stay parked in one spot all day long, even if they’re done charging. So instead of getting out of the office to move your car and let another one use the port, there will be several one of these around to move from a car to another.

One single Mobi Charger can feed up to 5 cars each day, thanks to a bunch of used Nissan Leaf batteries inside, rating it for a 240V Level 2 charging at a 10 kWh total capacity. If all things go well, the company wants to offer a 48 kWh version as well as DC fast charging via CCS and CHAdeMO connectors.

Another advantage is represented by the fact that each Mobi Charger gets to replenish its batteries only at night, during off-peak hours, which can save money on electricity.

All the company needs to do is pay a monthly fee and FreeWire will take car of recharging the employees’ EVs.


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