Lunar Mission One Reaches Funding Target, To Begin Development Program

Lunar Mission One spacecraft 1 photo
Thanks to over 7,000 backers, Kickstarter project Lunar Mission One now has enough money to get things going and launch a robotic probe towards the Moon for the first time since the original Apollo landings.
The independent company managed to raise the pledged £600,000 (€756,785 / $942,567) with only hours to spare. In fact, at the moment of writing this article, people are still continuing to donate to the noble cause.

If you’re not aware of the famous project, Lunar Mission One is an independent, non-governmental space program that will send a robotic probe on the Moon in order to drill the surface of the satellite’s South Pole down to a depth of 100 meters (328 ft).

This will access rocks from 4.5 billion years ago and will reveal more about our closest celestial object as well as Earth itself. The project also hopes to attract more young people into the world of space exploration, since it allows backers to send in their DNA to the moon and get buried in the hole created.

Marketing at its best! Who wouldn’t like to tell people a part of their body touched the Moon. The capsule containing the DNA archives is said to be preserved for about one billion years, so long after you’ll be gone maybe and an alien over-intelligent species lands around here, they’ll be able to clone you.
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