Cars 3 Movie to Be Released in 2017, Nobody Knows What Happens in it

Screen grab from Cars 3 trailer 6 photos
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube/ Disney-Pixar
Screen grab from Cars 3 trailerScreen grab from Cars 3 trailerScreen grab from Cars 3 trailerScreen grab from Cars 3 trailerScreen grab from Cars 3 trailer
Cars 3, the third animated film from the Disney and Pixar franchise, has released its official teaser trailer.
It shows an oval race track during what appears to be a NASCAR race. The main character, voiced by Owen Wilson, is going through an accident, but there’s more to the story than that.

Apparently, Lightning McQueen is being “pushed out of the sport he loves,” but not by former competitors, but by a new breed of “blazing-fast racers.”

In other words, we believe that Cars 3 is attempting to tell kids the tale that foresees the death of the internal combustion engine in the wake of new propulsion solutions. That is our best guess of what could happen in the latest addition to the series, but you never know what the writers at Disney and Pixar will come up with for the final version of the movie.

Information regarding the latest flick of this franchise is scarce, and the only certainties involved are the actor that voices the main character, along with the director, Brian Fee, the producers and a part of the production team. According to IMDB, the third movie in the “Cars” series is still being produced as we speak, but it appears that things are progressing according to schedule.

The production phase of Cars 3 began at the beginning of June 2016. At that time, it was revealed that the completed animated film would be in theaters in June 2017. The new deadline might have been changed to just “Summer 2017” to prevent upsetting Pixar’s young fans with delays.

For those of you who are not up to speed regarding the movie that came out ten years ago, Lightning McQueen is the protagonist of the Cars franchise. Owen Wilson has voiced this character in both movies that have been released so far, but the video games and shorts have featured a different voice. The first Cars movie was also voiced by three actors who are no longer with us: Paul Newman, Joe Ranft, and George Carlin.

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