Can You Count How Many Things Are Wrong in This Picture of a Mustang?

Captain America tuned Mustang 1 photo
Photo: reddit user L15t3r0f5m3g
It's fair to say nobody's perfect: everybody has some flaws, things they're not very proud of, skeletons in their closets, and so on. At the same time, it's also safe to assume nobody's as far from perfection as this guy's car right here.
And it's not just the poor vehicle. Where should we start? First of all, he's parked in a spot reserved for people with disabilities. We'll go out on a limb here and assume he's not really entitled to leave his car there, but we might be wrong (he could be a vet).

He also doesn't seem to be the one who knocked the sign over, as his Mustang's rear overhang isn't long enough to hit it without climbing the curb. So, if he does prove to be a valid user for this spot, the only thing wrong here might be just his car after all.

Let's start with the good bits: it appears to be very well preserved and clean, with no dents and no scratches. And... we're done with the praises. The man is also clearly very patriotic, which can be a good thing, unless it's taken to extreme - then it can become dangerous. Looking at his car, would you say this man was prone to extremism?

Well, at least as far as modifying his ride is concerned, the answer is "yes." The "Captain America" theme isn't too hard to spot, since it's got an action figurine of the well-known Marvel hero glued just above the hood scoop like some sort of kid's version of the Spirit of Ecstasy. The car is full of stripes (surprisingly, no stars) but it does have a US flag above the passenger's window, so the correct number of stars is present.

The mirror caps are red, and so are the windshield wipers' arms, so at least they match. The wipers themselves are white, though, so there goes any hope of visual harmony. I'm kidding, of course, that train had left the station a long time ago. Sadly, the interior can't be seen, but the blue steering wheel gives us enough insight to assume it's more of the same. Finally, the over-the-top look is rounded off by the chromed wheels and the leather nose cover - which would have probably been OK on their own, but given everything else, they just add to the confusion.

So if you thought you needed to travel to exotic places like Japan to find crappy modded cars, you were wrong. You can find people with no taste and the desire to share this aspect of their personalities with the world anywhere.
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