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Can a Lamborghini Huracan Beat a Porsche 918 Spyder in the Quarter Mile?

By now, we’re all used to seeing members of the Holy Hybrid Hypercar Trinity (HHHT) racing against lesser go-fast machines, and yet, a drag battle between a Porsche 918 Spyder and a Lamborghini Huracan is still one explosive way of starting our week. Especially if things don’t go according to plan.
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The two Volkswagen Group pearls got together at the Santa Pod Raceway in the UK, engaging in a quarter mile shenanigan. And if the Zuffenhausen halo car going wild on Santa Pod sounds familiar, that’s because this is the 918 that took part in the world’s first HHHT battle involving private cars - we’ve brought you the three-episode series and the race against the Huracan was filmed while the hybrids were at the British drag strip.

Judging by their entirely different status, the Huracan and the 918 Spyder shouldn’t be in the same league, and yet they are.

We don’t normally like spoiling the fun by throwing spoilers at you, but we’ll make an exception on this occasion. As you’ve figured out by now, the Raging Bull left the Porsche behind in this race.

While the Lambo pulled a 10.794 pass at 132.51 mph (213 km/h), the Porsche required 10.966 seconds (at 140.73 mph/227 km/h) for the same job.How was this possible?
First of all, we have to explain these cars were handled by their owners, not professional racing drivers. This is where we need to mention that a racing driver not only delivers blistering times but also shows consistency. That asset is not exactly present here - not when the same 918-driver combination delivered a 10.65s time on the track in the HHHT video.

Then there’s the tech side of the story. As we said during our previous 918 vs. Huracan story, the Porsche can lose its dominating position once it runs out of electron juice, which might have been the case here.

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