Calibre 10 Brings Racing and First Person Shooting Together in New Game

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So, you’re the car aficionado type who only plays racing games when it comes to virtual entertainment, right? And you happen to be the only one to do this in your group of friends, with the rest of them liking to blast their way through first person shooters. Well, you’re not the only one out there, but if you’d like to be reunited with them in the virtual world as well, Bongfish studio has the perfect game for you.
It goes by the name of Calibre 10 and promises to give you the same amount of fun as a .40 Colt handgun (.40 ... 10 mm caliber...get it?) but with a driving twist.

You see, the developers decided to bring the best out of the two worlds of gaming in this gasoline-bullets packed arcade thing. You, as a car enthusiast, will handle the driving part as well as keeping your car upgraded, while your gun-addicted friend will work the shooting part.

Don’t just assume this is a Carmageddon/Twisted Metal copy where you’ll have a gatling gun mounted on the car and your friend will aim and shoot it like you guys are operating a WW2 Stuka plane with a rear gunner post.

No, all the machineguns and snipers are scattered around the track and can be found either fixed, floating or on rails. The gunner’s objective is to switch among them and help you out by shooting the rivals. There will be four such teams and the first driver to pass the finish line is the winner.

What’s with the Calibre 10 name? Well, as in many other online games, there are multiple-class vehicles; the higher the better. Here, Caliber 10 class will offer you the best handling/armored vehicles and the most powerful weapons.

The game is still in its Alpha phase, but you can get an early access pass for €20 ($27) on Steam to test it and help the developers finish it sooner. Looking at the trailer bellow, the game seems pretty entertaining even in its unfinished phase. The latest update says it added new vehicles, new communication panel, a clan feature and even a health gun.

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