Bugatti Chiron Prototype Squeezes Past a Load of Wood

The thing about wood is that it needs to be dry when you process it. That's why most people "harvest" it during the fall. Coincidence would have it that this is also the time when Bugatti is hard at work testing the new Chiron.
Bugatti Chiron Prototype Squeezes Past Trailer Carrying Wood 1 photo
This next clip was released by Auto Bild magazine and shows how two Bugatti test prototypes have to squeeze past a tractor pulling a huge load of wood. Considering several Veyron models cost €3 million or more, each of these next-gen prototypes probably deserves a sticker of at least €10 million.

They are invaluable, especially at a time when Volkswagen is strapped for cash. Still, €20m worth of hypercar has to squeeze past a bunch of wood.

We don't know where the video was shot, but it's probably somewhere in the Alps. Every chance we get to see the Chiron is welcomed, especially when the only thing missing for it to become a production reality is a paintjob.

Yesterday, Bentley pushed a 635 horsepower Continental GT Speed to its top speed of 206 miles per hour. Nobody has seen the Chiron go fast, but we at least suspect it's got output numbers that eclipse the Brit and anything made by Ferrari or McLaren.

The name of this Veyron successor is the first hint about its powertrain. Sure, Bugatti named it after Louis Chiron, a pre-war racing driver affiliated with the French carmaker. On the other hand, Greek mythology tells us Chiron is the most powerful centaur, a hybrid creature that's half man and half horse. The Bugatti is also a hybrid, its horsepower being aided by electric engines and/or the electric superchargers developed by Audi.

With 1,500 horsepower on tap, it's a real shame to be stuck behind a load of wood. Who knows, maybe the test engineers reached their workshop and discovered the engine had overheated due to the "traffic jam" and this could be the point where a seventh or eighth radiator was added.

The new hypercar is rumored to cost €2.2 million ($2.5 million). For that kind of cash, you could probably get the Porsche 918 Spyder AND the LaFerrari… if you can find them.

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