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Brutal V12 Sound - Ferrari 333SP Track Footage

What has a V12 engine, a 11,000 rpm redline, 650 hp and is a half-brother to the Ferrari F50 of the 1990s? Well, the 333SP, of course! It is a race car built for the 1994 IMSA championship which took place in the US throughout the 1990s.
The 333SP donated its racing chassis to the road-going version of it, the brutal and merciless F50, a car which may have disappointed some who loved its predecessor, the F40. The F50, just like the 333SP, never reached cult status, but with a sound like this and presence to rival anything you`ve ever driven or seen, either car could attract more than enough attention.

The main reason for posting this, though, is the eardrum-shattering V12 tune coming out of the back of the 333SP as it is floored around the Vigeant Val de Vienne track. Don’t forget to turn up you speakers, this is quite a treat!


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