Brits Are Proportionally Buying More V8 Mustangs than Americans

Even though petrol is at a pretty low price these days, the pumps across US showing prices that are decent considering we’re in 2015, it looks like buyers are not going for the biggest gas guzzlers just yet. According to Ford, American buyers prefer the Mustang in its V8 guise less than the Brits.
Ford Mustang GT 1 photo
This comes in as a bit of a shock at first but, if we are to keep proportions, the UK market is buying more V8 Mustangs than the US one. According to the Blue Oval company, 70 percent of UK customers are choosing the 5-liter mill whereas the percentage sits at just 52 back home. There are a couple of reasonable explanations for this situation at hand, though.

First of all, the US market is blessed with three choices when it comes to the new Mustang: you get the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-pot, the V6 and, lastly, the V8. That, naturally, will drive the percentage of the latter category down and 52 percent is not shabby at all come to think about it.

Second, the UK market doesn’t get the V6 and, if you were to choose between the 2.3-liter EcoBoost and the V8, what would you go for in a Mustang? That’s what we thought…

Therefore, there’s no surprise here but the thing is, the Brits buying these Fords must be loaded somehow. How come? Well, you need to understand that a gallon of petrol costs $7 in the UK while taxes and insurance for a 5-liter car are hair rising.

Even so, after waiting for 50 years to have this car delivered to them, we kind of understand the need of the British drivers to have the right engine under the bonnet. The best news of all? Over 55 percent of these cars were ordered with the manual 6-speed gearbox and that’s just music to our ears!


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