Brilliant Review Pits the BMW M235i Against an F10 M5

We’ve seen our fair share of reviews of the new BMW M235i. Heck, we even wrote two of them ourselves, a shorter, first drive take and a longer, in-depth take. However, we didn’t get the chance or didn’t have the audacity to pit it against a car like the M5.
BMW M5 vs BMW M235i 1 photo
What you’re about to see is definitely one of the best reviews we’ve seen this year, a perfect blend of emotion and perfectly picked metaphors that describe the smallest, lightest BMW Coupe of the moment.

The guys from Apex TV are the ones responsible for the video below and we just can’t stop praising them. Admittedly, the video is not in English but the subtitles help out a lot.

Comparing the M235i with a drug or a prostitute must be quite revolting for some people but they are absolutely true. For most people, the price tag of this brilliant piece of engineering will be just too much. The few fortunate that actually get to own one, should know just how lucky they are.

This is truly an adrenaline-infusing ride, one that easily creates addicts that will be looking for more, every time they drive a BMW. Unfortunately, that’s all they’ll get: a taste. Most of them will have to resume their lives, driving cars they can afford, with less of a smile but more time and money for more important things.

What surprised us even more was the fact that the Coupe won a short drag race against the uber-powerful M5. 326 HP against 560 HP in different packages. Sure, on a longer strip, the M5 would’ve won but it’s nice to know that on short runs, the M Performance Automobile can keep up.

Not only that but the story repeats itself on a twisty track, where the smaller size of the 2er helps out a lot, even though it’s not a proper M car. That is mighty impressive.

But the essence of the car is in that perfectly balanced chassis that does its job flawlessly every time you want it to. It’s not a perfect BMW but it’s pretty darn close.


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