Brabus G 800 Demolishes Its Opponents on the Drag Strip While Sounding Great

Brabus G 800 on the drag strip 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
In an ideal world where the sky is always blue and the birds are always chirping, the G-Class would never find its way on the drag strip, even if it’s a Brabus conversion we’re talking about.
Its shape is simply so boxy, so un-aerodynamic that it makes mentioning its name together with the word “drag” slightly oxymoronic. That 6.0-liter V12 twin-turbo engine together with the four-wheel-drive system would probably destroy all but the most extreme competition if it were installed in a car with a slimmer body. After all, it does develop 800 hp and God only knows how much torque (more than 1,000 Nm or 740 lb-ft) after the Brabus treatment.

But if that were the case, if the monster V12 engine were burning fuel in your regular-looking sports car, then you wouldn’t really be watching this clip, now would you?

It’s exactly this “out of place” feeling that makes us want to see the G-Class do things nobody imagined when it was first created decades ago. Seeing it on the drag strip, it looks like an elephant at a ballet class; like a sumo wrestler lining up for a 100 meters sprint. Only this sumo wrestler is actually Usain Bolt hiding beneath a pumped-up suit.

The great thing about the Brabus G 800 is that it’s not nearly as shouty as other modified G-Class AMGs. With its black paintwork, it’s only the huge wheels and the chrome accents that suggest this G-Wagen isn’t just another AMG version you so often come across on your trips to the supermarket.

And then there’s the sound. Its rumble goes from discreet to a wild blast in just a second - the same amount of time it needs to eat up the asphalt all the way to the end of that strip. As for what happens in the last race... there’s only so much the car can do when the human side isn’t helping.

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