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Bosch to Focus More on Motorcycle Technologies

German giant Bosch announces that a special division dedicated solely to motorcycles will be created inside the company, and it will focus on developing more and better safety technologies to be implemented in future machines.
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Motorcycle safety is becoming one of the leading concerns for both bike makers and the rest of those involved in the industry. Whereas in the past, horsepower or fuel efficiency trumped, the modern era is preoccupied with rider safety more than ever.

Bosch is arguably the biggest name in anti-locking brakes these days, but their leading position is only commanding them to charge ahead. A recent announcement from Bosch informs us that a new division will be created inside the company, and it will be based in Japan.

The new department will deal with developments in the two-wheeled industry, and will try to come up with new and refined versions of the existing technologies, to expand ABS brakes to as many motorcycles and scooters as possible.Add-on electric hub motors and new, smarter ABS systems are on the list
The new division of Boss is said to also be working on some sort of add-on electric hub motor that can be installed in traditional scooters and transform them in electric vehicles, CMG informs. While we have no info or other rumors with a scent of credibility on the matter, we are taking things with a grain of salt... but don't dismiss them completely.

Also, ranking high on the list of the main tasks for the new Bosch division is a new generation of motorcycle ABS, ABS 10. We might see the new technology revised and adapted for use in small motorcycles, working on both one and two channels, thus being available in one-wheel and two-wheeled applications.

There is a debate about whether cheap ABS versions that are installed on budget bikes or scooters represent a feature or a risk factor, but until more studies are carried out in this direction, we tend to believe that anti-locking brakes are a good thing.


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