BMW X3 Caught in Huge Accident in Moscow

Imagine you're going out one day. You park your car on the side of the road and then go to a pub to have a drink. When you come back, you see your car up, above another one, just like the Nissan Primera in the videos below. What do you do?
BMW X3 Crash in Russia 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Fortunately for us, this is just an exercise of imagination. But 5 unlucky drivers had to deal with such a situation. It all happened in Moscow (why are we not surprised?) when the driver of a truck somehow managed to trash 4 cars in one shot.

He hit a Ford Focus first, which was then sent under a Nissan Primera and then both of them hit a BMW X3 which scratched a Range Rover Evoque. Unfortunately for the truck driver, the only the first 2 cars were somewhat cheap. The last two are pretty expensive in Russia, the X3 starting at $55,632 whilst the Evoque is a bit cheaper, starting at $52,491.

However, we'd really hate it to be in the truck driver's shoes right about now, judging by what we've seen before that happens on Russian roads in case of a small fender bender. Imagine the carnage that will take place when the owners of the trashed cars will get a hold of the poor guilty Russian.

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