BMW X5 Takes Out Lada

BMW X5 vs Lada 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
We already told you that Russia doesn't love BMWs but at the time we considered it a joke. Now, as we see more and more videos from good ol' mother Russia, we're starting to think everything is against Bimmers in the ex-Soviet country.
This time we caught a hating Nissan X-Trail trolling a BMW X5. That wouldn't have been a problem, but the end results were tragic and for that, the Nissan driver should be held accountable.

As you can see, the little Lada is just rolling down the street at what you can almost call cruising speed when an X-Trail approaches it. Being a little anxious to get in front of the Soviet made car, the Nissan driver attempts a right-side overtake but doesn't notice the E53 X5 right behind it until the last moment.

The driver of the Sports Activity Vehicle tries to avoid hitting the Nissan but, due to its high speed, ends up ramming the Lada pretty hard. Fortunately, after the crash, we can see the people inside the white Russian sedan are still moving and pretty much alive.

This video is another reminder of what can happen if you do not obey the traffic rules. The Nissan driver shouldn't've tried a right-side overtake and the X5 driver was driving way to fast.

The only good news from this video is that it seems like the Euro NCAP rules are nothing when compared to a good old 2" thick layer of steel of a Soviet made Lada. All jokes aside, that Lada can take a hit better than a lot of modern day cars.

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