BMW Will Offer a Second Delivery to Customers Buying the new 7 Series

BMW has big plans for the new 7 Series, and they want their flagship to post a new all-time high in terms of sales. At least that’s what the US branch CEO said in a recent interview, and he may be referring to the North American country alone.
2016 BMW 7 Series 1 photo
Even so, the plans they have for the car are rather impressive. The target to break is 22,006 units, the highest 7 Series sales figure ever achieved that was posted back in 2002. To get a glimpse of what BMW wants to do here, we’ll just mention that last year, Mercedes-Benz sold 25,276 S-Class models.

To fulfil this apparently gruesome task, the officials are offering what they call Ultimate Benefits. This is comprised of 5 essential services:
  • A second delivery
  • Service priority
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Annual free detailing
  • 24/7 concierge service

While four of these are pretty much self-explanatory, the number one item on this list might make you frown. It’s a rather new approach that has only been put in place so far, in a somewhat related manner for BMW’s i cars.

Remember the Geniuses the Germans trained and employed to explain the innovations inside the eco-friendly cars from Munich? Well, they will also be used to describe the advantages and new features of the 7 Series.

According to BMW, the new flagship will bring 13 industry firsts to its clients as well as 25 innovations for the brand. All of these need to be explained so that the owners know what they have bought and how to use these features.

“With all the new features that other BMWs do not have, we need to explain that to our customers,” Willisch said for Automotive News. “We owe it to the customer that he knows about these features. It is a premium experience having the car explained in detail.”

That being said, after the customer picks up his/her car, a Genius will travel to a place of their convenience (office or home) and explain exactly what they have bought. Pretty neat, right?

As for the rest of the advantages offered, you’ll be the first to receive service, the car will be picked up and delivered for free in case you need servicing, you’ll get a free detailing every year and in case you need to book a hotel room you can do that at any time.


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