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BMW to Help Develop the So-Called “Intelligent Assistants”

The days when your car doesn’t understand what you’re saying because of your accent are about to come to an end. BMW, Samsung and Panasonic are currently working together with speech recognition company Nuance to develop a technology that will help speech systems to deal more easily with specific accents.
BMW Connected Drive 1 photo
As the cars become more and more intelligent, the speech systems must be improved too, in order to understand the nuances of human language. In the future, car systems will also have to be able to distinguish whether you are giving a command or you talk about unrelated topics.

This is exactly what Nuance is focusing its attention on as we speak. The company wants software application developers to firstly build the Internet for connected cars and then map customized speech recognition to the specific needs of the app, in order to recognize the context, semantic or natural conversational language.

This recognition system could be pushed even further to differentiate between accents from specific areas. In other words, the speech software will recognize your accent as being from New York, Los Angeles or from the Deep South, for example.

Nuance also plans to expand its technology to segments such as smart homes, industrial robotics, wearables, gaming or consumer health, as Mike Thompson, executive vice president and general manager at Nuance Mobile, recently stated.

According to Forbes, the software will also be able to learn and to provide developers insights on how humans interact with the “intelligent assistant,” so that they can analyze and then improve the system continuously.

Currently, Nuance is working with more than 40 languages and over 80 different voices for text-to-speech, so the time when your car, phone, home or any other thing incorporating the intelligent speech system will actually do what you are saying is almost here.


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